[Insert Pretentious True Statement]

I don’t think I ever told the story about my puppy!!! So this is Amby (short for “Ambush”). She should be a year old now and she is my lovable puppy! When she came into our family, it was completely by chance and slightly unwanted. My sister and I first saw Amby around Christmas when she was lying on the ground in the farthest corner away from our house. She was so tired and unwell that she didnt even move away when we got close. We put some water out for her that day and then never saw her again…

I then saw her a couple of months later in late February early March. Truthfully, I didn’t even realize it was the same dog (there are a lot of stray animals or animals that are free to wander in our neighborhood) Anyway, I saw her and I gave her some food. She still looked haggard, but not as much this time. Of couse this was mistake number 1 on my part because once you feed stray animals…they never go away. (See: the white cat, that duck, the other cat, etc.)

Anyway, I soon learned my mom was feeding the dog too because she felt bad for it too. Eventually, Amby would just always be on our porch waiting for us for food. My mom was then NOT happy because Amby smelled HORRIFIC! She was a street dog so she was never washed and her hair was matted too. Eventually, a blanket went on the front porch for Amby since winter was “cold” (it was like 50 degrees).

Soon Amby was put in our backyard so that she could stop smelling up the porch. There she was still fed whatever we could find. Then one day I come home and we have dog food now, a leash, and a doghouse. My mom was convinced Amby was a gift from God to help her through trying times. She was giving the name Ambush because she ambushed us, and now she lives in our garage always getting love.

I calculated and my sister and I first spotted Amby when she was a 2 month year old puppy. I love her to death and miss her hyperactive self. She listened to my problems and licked me so I could feel better. I sung her to sleep and fed her hot dogs when she did tricks. I just miss her sooo much :(

also this is her passed out on the grass after I played with her for hours <3